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Instant ID Authentication


The Challenge

Prevent alcohol and tobacco sales to minors

As the young man steps up to the counter with a six-pack in his hands, the clerk assesses his age and asks for ID. The young man hands over his driver license and the clerk gives it a quick look, checks the date of birth, sees he is of legal drinking age, hands the license back and rings-up the purchase. The problem is, the ID is a fake. Or, even worse, the clerk did the math incorrectly and sold to a minor. Government agencies across the U.S. are increasingly making it the responsibility of the alcoholic beverage or tobacco products seller to ensure that every buyer is of legal age. The consequences of non-compliance are increasing, too. Fines, loss of liquor license, financial liability and potentially, criminal charges can be the result of selling to a minor.   Age ID® makes compliance easier.

 The Solution

Instant ID authentication, ensured compliance

Age ID® reduces the risks that come with selling alcoholic beverages, tobacco and marijuana by authenticating identification documents, like driver’s licenses, using either a mobile device, or integrated into existing point-of-sale systems. With Age ID®, the clerk simply scans the buyer’s ID barcode, and instantly knows if the ID is authentic, and that the person is of legal age to buy age-restricted products. The authentication data includes highlighted fields in red, yellow and green, so the clerk is clearly alerted as to whether or not they should complete the sale. Age ID® can even notify sellers if the same ID is being re-used within a preset amount of time, and to prevent repeated purchase attempts by minors, fake IDs can be reported with a single tap on the screen.

Reduces risks from underage sales

Eliminates errors associated with manual age checks by automatically verifying that a buyer is of legal age and that an ID is authentic, reducing the risk of fines, loss of liquor license or criminal charges.

Accurate and up-to-date data

Patented ID verification technology authenticates more than 250 unique DMV ID barcode formats for all 50 U.S. states, every Canadian province, Mexican states as well as State Justice Information  Systems and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases.

Extra features enhance value

Notifications alert sellers if the same ID is used within a set amount of time, and allow sellers to create VIP, banned or custom groups that notify sellers when group members are making a purchase.

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