High Performance Training Workshops

Enhancing Human Capital
A unique, proven approach to staff education and training that improves performance
and increases efficiency and effectiveness.

Ace the Interview

Feel confident, relaxed and in control at a job interview. Develop your branding, and master the art of presenting yourself in a professional manner.  Employ positive techniques to wow the interviewer as you overcome fear and build confidence in your ability to speak.

Achievement in Customer Excellence

The “people” part of customer service is as important as the “technical” part.  Learn customer satisfaction techniques that turn customers into raving fans.  

Administrative Professional Extraordinaire

“Three P Principle”: Professionalism, Preparation and Practice help develop skills to maximize productivity and lead to career advancement.

Avoid Workload Avalanche; Smart Ways to Regain Sanity

Regain and maintain control over time, energy, processes, and people.  Avoiding workload avalanche is easier when you establish routines and overcome time wasters.

Business Writing, Grammar, and Proofreading

Professional business documents are a reflection of you and your business.  Review business grammar, improve writing skills, and practice proofreading.  

Communicate with Confidence

Communicate effectively with customers and coworkers using expert listening and communication skills. Employ practical strategies for understanding what is expected of you, and be able to express, with confidence, what you need in order to do your job better.

Creative Problem Solving

Thinking outside the box is easier and more productive when you engage the full brain. Gain confidence in looking outside defined boundaries to develop creative solutions.  

Don’t Let Stress Wear You Out!

Develop strategies to successfully control workplace stress and fatigue. Leave this workshop empowered and energized for success.

Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

Identify what prohibits you from focusing on current and future happiness. Learn to embrace your true self, overlook the irrelevant, and remain focused on the important. Leave with an attitude of gratitude and deeper appreciation for yourself and others.

Embrace Change!

Change is inevitable.  Identify and understand change, and embrace it in a positive way.

Fight, Flight, or Flow

Learn to develop positive solutions to overcoming and controlling professional and personal conflict.

Identify and Overcome the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Leaders are challenged to understand and overcome team dysfunctions in order to achieve success. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Initiative Begins with “I”

Increase confidence, knowledge, and willingness to take responsibility for your work product. Learn to take initiative and put ideas into practice. 

Manage Multiple Processes, and Do it Well

To multitask or not to multitask? Today’s world demands you juggle multiple processes and priorities, and respond to imposed deadlines.  Identify and overcome time wasters, and master prioritizing in order to control multiple obligations with ease and professionalism.

Master Minute Taking

Alleviate stress, confusion, and fear that taking meeting minutes often causes.  Learn efficient and effective techniques for recording and writing meeting minutes and following up after the meeting.

Organize It Into Shape

Effective organization is the key to your success in today’s fast-paced culture. Develop methods for organizing and planning that work for you.

Perfect Presentation Skills

Build confidence in public speaking skills. Learn to present in an interesting, engaging manner that will leave your audience informed and wowed.

Personal Effectiveness and Productivity –

Put P.E.P. in your Step

Productive people are skilled at achieving goals in an efficient, effective manner. Use self-awareness exercises to overcome limiting beliefs that negatively impact productivity and the ability to set and reach goals.  

Professionalism and Business Etiquette: 

Keys to Intentional Success

Professional presence builds trust with others and empowers you to operate in any business environment with confidence and competence. Develop your branding, and master the art of presenting yourself in a professional manner.

Set Your Goals

Identify critical goal setting criteria, key obstacles and challenges to reaching goals, and rewards, benefits, and sacrifices that must accompany goal setting.

T.E.A.M. Building 1.0 – Understand Personality Differences with True Colors

Based on Mary Miscisin’s Showing Your True Colors, identify your work and communication style, and use the knowledge gained to work better with colleagues, avoid conflict, and master customer service.

T.E.A.M. Building 2.0 –

Use Interpersonal Skills to Build Relationships

Improve interpersonal skills by applying True Colors to everyday situations. The ability to work cooperatively with others depends on how effectively you listen, question, give and receive feedback, and employ empathy based on what you observe in the other person’s “true color personality.” 

Terrific Telephone Skills

Perfect professional telephone skills so you can handle problem callers professionally and avoid words and attitudes that alienate customers.

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