“Congrats to RCS Training for 35 years of service protecting the hospitality industry. The RCS team dedicates itself to countless hours
of training with our WingHouse managers of training with our WingHouse managers and employees. The ongoing communication
and adjustments to our programs keep us updated in our ever changing industry.”
~Dennis Prescott CEO, WingHouse Bar + Grill
“Congratulations on 35 years of protecting Florida’s hospitality businesses! Thank you for being a valued partner of mine since 1988
and always being committed to providing superior training and support to help my clients reduce incidents and resulting claims.
I will continue to trust RCS in future years and am confident they will remain a leader in Florida’s #1 industry!”
~Tony Davenport, Restaurant Programs of America
Alcohol Compliance/Responsible
Vendor Training
RCS Training provides Responsible Vendor Training
for managers and employees.
Anti-Harassment Training
Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination lawsuits are on the rise.
Just one of these costly lawsuits can put you out of business.
RCS staff are AHLEI Guest Service Gold Certified Professionals, ServSafe® Alcohol Proctors,
ServSafe® Food Manager Instructors and Proctors, and AllerTrain® Certified Master Trainers
Instant ID Authentication for use on
any mobile device
Eliminates errors associated with manual age checks by automatically
verifying that a buyer is of legal age and that an ID is authentic, reducing
the risk of fines, loss of liquor license or criminal charges.

Our Training Courses

Meet the Professional Trainers

Victor Konters

352.250.2130 vkonters@frla.org

Steven Dick

561.427.4738 sdick@frla.org

Lorena Moreno

850.566.9928 lmoreno@frla.org

John Shermetaro

850.559.7499 jshermetaro@frla.org

Eileen Maxham

941-773-0519 emaxham@frla.org

Caitie Higginbotham

850.933.3764 Caitie@frla.org

Kelly Livingston

239.287.3441 klivingston@frla.org

Stephanie Despreaux

954.448.4687 sdespreaux@frla.org

Amy Hackle

850.380.8839 ahackle@frla.org

Robin Barrera

954.709.0804 rbarrera@frla.org

Jason Maxham

941.773.3095 jmaxham@frla.org

Pam Madamba

954-258-0852 pmadamba@frla.org

Rose Curcio

352.213.2322 rcurcio@frla.org

Joelle Pittman

407.683.1205 jpittman@frla.org

Jill Donnelly

203.721.5421 jdonnelly@frla.org

Luke Thomas

407.731.2268 lthomas@frla.org

Leslie Batista

786-975-3348 lbatista@frla.org

Jeana Kianvar

407.716.7348 jkianvar@frla.org

Erika Heffernan

407-375-3705 eheffernan@frla.org

Rachel Chacon

305.299.7963 rchacon@frla.org

We have over 150 years of combined training experience…

Founded in 1984, RCS Training is a subsidiary of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA), and is Florida’s leader in providing risk management and regulatory compliance training programs to the state’s hospitality industry. Utilizing the SafeStaff®educational training materials and harnessing the resources of FRLA industry experts and former regulators, RCS Training is the largest and most respected firm of its kind in Florida.

RCS Training also offers professional development training, which is a unique, proven approach to staff education that improves performance and increases efficiency and effectiveness. Customized to fit any industry, RCS High Performance Training is conducted from a “manage up” perspective. RCS Training guides trainees through a process to set attainable goals, identify steps to reach those goals, recognize behaviors that hinder progress, and overcome fears that cause failure. High Performance Training is available throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Protecting your Business is Our Business





RCS Training

230 S. Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone. 800-537-9863

Contact Information

Christy Crump
Director of Operations
850.224.2250 x 252
Email: rcs@frla.org

To reach an RCS Training Regional Manager in your area, click here.


Initially, I signed up for RCS Training because my insurance company required it. It is no longer required, but I am retaining alcohol compliance training because it’s in the best interest of my business and staff.   www.margaux.com

Alex Litras, Café Margaux

RCS Training has been beneficial and has increased our employee’s knowledge of food safety, sanitation and the laws and regulations governing our restaurants.  

John Pinkerton, Former Risk Management Director, Hard Rock Café International

Lorena Moreno came to Seasalt and Pepper to lecture our employees on the Food Handler and Alcohol Training courses. Lorena was sensational, efficient, thorough, and made it so easy to understand all of the significant components behind maintaining a safe environment for our customers and our employees.

Billy Alonso, Assistant Manager, Seasalt & Pepper, Miami

We want to thank you for another great class – the best we’ve had in a long time. Thank you for encouraging others and reminding them how valuable they are. These classes have been a big help. My staff came back understanding how others see them and how they sell themselves.  

Donna Braxton, Pasco County Schools Cafeteria Manager

When I walked in the classroom, the first thing I noticed was a huge smile on Leslie’s face. She exhibited the entire time that she was excited to be there and teach the class. She was interesting and entertaining. I honestly look forward to any of the training that she will be teaching.  

Charles E. Smith, Jr., Park Ranger, Oleta River State Park

RCS provides a true, certified alcohol training program with superior support in many areas. I am convinced RCS is the best choice to reduce liquor liability risk and assault and battery incidents and claims for any size establishment.

Tony Davenport, Restaurant Programs of America